Carol Silldorff, Executive Director

Carol Silldorff has served as Executive Director of Bike Maryland since 2008 and is a founding member of Bike Maryland.  On the day she was hired, she was literally the only person in the office. Now 7 staff/consultants work for Bike Maryland with plans to hire two additional full time staff in 2014. During her tenure at Bike Maryland, she launched major outreach, educational and legislative initiatives. Bike Maryland's advocacy work has helped establish pro-bicycle legislation and awareness campaigns on the local and state level. In the past 3 years, the Bike-MINDED Safety Program (educating 10,000 youth in 2013) and the Bike Friendly Maryland Program to increase bike-ability at hundreds of universities, businesses and communities was launched. During Carol’s career she has worked on a variety of environmental sustainability issues for non-profit organizations, federal, state, and local government agencies and both small and fortune 500 businesses. Carol has a graduate degree in Public Administration with a specialization in Environmental Management and she passionately works to promote bicycling, increase safety, improve conditions, and provide a voice for all bicyclists in Maryland. Carol has been an active bicyclist for many years (a bike commuter, recreational rider, bicycle racer including completing team RAAM, a mountain biker, and scenic trail enthusiast).

She is the Maryland Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee Legislative and Government Affairs Subcommittee Chair, a member of the Baltimore County Bicycle and Pedestrian Commission, the State Trails Commission, and the State Bicycle Safety Steering Committee. Contact Carol via email.


Katie Gore, Bike-MINDED Safety Program Coordinator

Katie performs fun, social and educational bike safety workshops for youth in Baltimore City.  Additionally, she leads bicycle commuter workshops for adults throughout Maryland.  Katie was a Parks and Recreation Leader in the Minneapolis Park system and studied Early Childhood Education at The University of Minnesota and Towson University. She is the Director for the Trails End Mountain Bike Camp for kids ages 12-16. She loves mountain biking and road cycling and would hate to have to choose between the two. " I have seen a positive change in the acceptance of cycling in Maryland over the past three years and realize it is only the beginning. I know bicycle safety is one of the key components in helping Maryland become a top Bike Friendly State. The earlier we teach our children good riding habits - the earlier we expose them to responsible ways to ride - the greater chance for those lessons to become a life foundation for bicycling as a means of commuting and for recreation."  Please contact Katie via email here if you would like to schedule a Bike Maryland Youth Rodeo, Adult Commuter workshop, volunteer, become a Bike Ambassador or partner with Bike Maryland.


Mary Herbranson - Bike Maryland Event Planner and Development Coordinator

Mary joined Bike Maryland as our first full-time staff member in March 2013. With a background in advocacy and non-profit management she couldn't be more excited to gear up and and work towards improving conditions and creating positive change for bicycling with Bike Maryland. Mary served on several sustainability and service committees while in college and continues to volunteer with environmentally-minded organizations in Baltimore.

The liberating car-free movement made an impression on Mary, who sold her vehicle to join the bicycle-commuting community in 2009 and hasn't looked back once. While there is no comparisson to bike paths with fresh ocean air and beautiful coastal vistas, right now Mary's favorite rides are through Baltimore City where there is always a new neighborhood gem to discover. Her extra curricular activities include camping, free concerts in the park, and drawing up plans to build a trailer that she can tow both her 70 lb dogs in!

Please contact Mary if you are interested in marketing opportunities, volunteering, partnering, sponsoring, membership, or taking anything related to the great Bike Maryland events: the Tour du Port, Larry's Ride, RecRide, or the Annual Bicycing Symposium.


Katie Lupo - Bike Friendly Maryland Program Coordinator

Katie, an avid cyclist and triathlete, was introduced to cycling while in graduate school in Wisconsin. On her way to obtaining a M.S. in Economics, she completed two Ironman triathlons, a self-supported cross country bike trip and served as President of a local bike club in Madison. Since moving to the East Coast in 2012, Katie founded a bicycle-centered nonprofit in Washington D.C. providing opportunities for young adults, while promoting sustainable living through cycling.

As the Bicycle Friendly Maryland Program Coordinator, Katie is excited to help make communities, businesses, and universities throughout Maryland a more bicycle friendly place to live, work, and learn. Please contact Katie here or via 952-484-2567 if you would like more information on how to make your community, business, or university more bike friendly.


Carl Peterson, Bike Maryland Bike-MINDED Program Coordinator

Carl Peterson is a nationally certified (League of American Bicyclists) cycling instructor and passionate proponent of bike safety, particularly among at-risk, inner-city youth. Originally one of Bike Maryland’s most active volunteer ambassadors, he was a natural fit for the position of Bike-MINDED program coordinator. In that post, he fosters relationships with schools,community organizations, and corporations seeking to host adult commuter workshops and youth safety education “rodeos.” Carl enjoys using exuberance, humor, and thought-provoking analogies to connect with his audience and drive home key safety messages.

A graduate of Rutgers University and longtime resident of Montgomery County, Carl serves on the Rockville Bike Advisory Committee and the city’s Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Workgroup. He teaches safe cycling classes and leads bike trips for the Rockville Department of Recreation and is an event organizer for the 1,000-member Northern Virginia Casual Bicycling Group. When not touring the local countryside on two wheels, Carl is busy soaring above it. The licensed private pilot flies out of Frederick Airport and previously worked as an aviation technical writer for the AOPA Air Safety Foundation, where he created award-winning safety education courses.

Please contact Carl here if you would like to schedule a Bike Maryland youth safety rodeo or adult commuter workshop, volunteer, become a bike ambassador, or partner with Bike Maryland.


Nicholas Rodricks, Bike MINDED Safety Program Coordinator

Nick was born and raised in Baltimore Maryland, a town he takes great pride in. Nick was introduced to bicycling at a young age and grew up riding all over Maryland, from the Northern Central Railroad trail to the neighborhoods around his family house in the city. After graduating from Friends School of Baltimore, Nick went on to study International Relations and Environmental science at Connecticut College. In college Nick was captain of the lacrosse team, a member of the A Capella group, Vox Cameli, and highly involved with the school newspaper. He left Connecticut College with a deep passion for the environment and a desire to promote alternative forms of energy and transportation. After graduation he spent a year with the Jesuit Volunteer Corps in St.Louis, Missouri teaching a college preparatory course in a public high school.

Nick is extremely excited to join the Bike Maryland team and to have the opportunity to promote a cause he wholeheartedly supports. Green transportation, getting people out of cars and making bike transportation a more realistic and feasible option for local communities are priorities for Nick as he moves forward in his position. Please contact Nick here if you would like to schedule a Bike Maryland youth safety rodeo or adult commuter workshop, volunteer, become a bike ambassador, or partner with Bike Maryland.


Marla Streb, Bike Maryland Bike-MINDED Program Coordinator

Marla Streb is a retired professional cyclist of 16 years, with accolades such as World, U.S. National and X Games Champion. During her racing career, Streb published two books, The Lifecycle of a Gravity Goddess, and The Road Century Book. She was also on the board of USA Cycling for three years. Perhaps her favorite aspect of life as a pro was the many visits to schools and communities around the country, opening kids’ eyes to the world of cycling. A Baltimore native, Streb earned a Master of Science degree from University of Maryland in 1990.Currently, Marla is a part time coach for the LUNA Chix Ambassador Program and a PR/Marketing contractor for the LUNA Pro Team, an all women’s professional multisport team. Streb recently participated in the Baltimore City Bike Safety Training video, currently being released for cable and network TV. She was also featured in the City Paper’s annual bicycle issue last summer.

The Mt. Washington resident is a proud mom of two young girls, Kiki and Nicoya, who happily (and safely) travel together by bicycle or foot on over 90% of their downtown trips. Marla’s goal is to encourage other Baltimoreans to safely ride, and enjoy the journey as much as the destination. Please contact Marla here if you would like to schedule a Bike Maryland Youth Rodeo, Adult Commuter workshop, volunteer, become a Bike Ambassador or partner with Bike Maryland.

Spring 2014 Interns

Emily Ranson, Research & Writing Intern

Emily Ranson grew up in Howard County, Maryland where she became introduced to bicycles as a hobby and a form of transportation in her pre-car days. This appreciation grew while adopting a low-car lifestyle during graduate school at Cornell University while studying the pressures influencing towns to adapt to sea level rise.

Now back in Maryland, Emily is excited to advocate for and assist with increased bicycle usage in Maryland and will be helping Bike Maryland with research on pro-bicycle laws, research that will assist with fundraising and furthering partnerships, content for newsletters, the blog, social media, and the News and Resources section on the Bike Maryland website and other general administrative duties.

We are thrilled to have Emily on board!


Yujun Wang, Marketing Intern

Yujun Wang is currently enrolled in the Johns Hopkins University Carey Business School majoring in marketing. He was born and raised in Beijing and has just been in the US for 5 months. Yujun interned with banks, consulting firms and investment companies before he came to the US. His fearlessness of pressure and excellent collaborative techniques shaped him as a dependable team worker. Meanwhile, communication with coworkers offered Yujun a lot of guidance and confidence for his future improvement. Upon the completion of undergraduate school, Yujun was nominated as a Role Model Student in Beijing for his excellent overall performance.

With Bike Maryland, Yujun will be helping with press releases, contacting media to promote events, educational workshops, legislative initiatives, pro-bicycle infrastructure and awareness issues and more. His desire to gain experience makes him a true asset to the organization and we are happy to have him working with us!